Paulo Dybala Football Statistics To Success

Born on November 15, 1993, in Laguna Larga, Córdoba, Argentina to lovely parents Adolfo and Alicia de Dybala and had two siblings Gustavo and Mariano. Born into a middle class family he was very loved by his parents and it was said that his father had predicted before his birth that he will have a famous footballer. When Paulo started playing football his father encouraged him plus he never missed up the chance to pick up a ball and start playing and whenever he played or practiced his dad was always there to accompany him to the field to watch him play but sadly in September 2008 his dad passed away and wasn’t able to see what his son grew up to achieve all the plans and dreams that they mapped out for him.

Paulo plays as Second Striker also plays Centre Forward and Right Winger, he is a Right foot player and his relatives are his agents, he joined  Juventus FC July 1, 2015 his contract expires June 30, 2022 and he is outfitted by Adidas. Also he holds dual citizenship for Argentina and Italy then 2011 he jump started his football journey to join Instituto de Córdoba in the Primera B Nacional here he scored 17 goals in the league which solidified his name in the football scene and October 14, 2015 he joined the Argentina team when he was 21 and was coached by Gerardo Martino.

July 1, 2011 he left Instituto U19 to join Instituto then the following season July 20,2012 he joined US Palermo with a rising fee of 2 Million Euro and a staggering fee of 11, 90 Million Euro and finally he made his final move when he left US Palermo to join Juventus FC with an increased MV of 28 Million Euro and a whooping fee of 40 Million Euro which is a total of 51,90 Million Euro. His current MV is 100 Million Euro as of March 1, 2019 and his Highest MV 110 Million Euro last updated June 7, 2018.

In season 18/19 Copa Italia he made 2 appearances with 50% starting eleven, 42% minutes played while for Serie A he made 27 appearances, 5 goals, 6 assists and 2 yellow cards with 62% starting eleven, 61% minutes played and 16% goal participation then for the Champions League he appeared in 9 matches, 5 goalsand a yellow card with 60% starting eleven, 58% minutes played and a 35% goal participation and for Supercopa italiana he appeared 1 time with a yellow card with 100% starting eleven and 100% minutes played.

In season 13/14 his team US Palermo won Italienischer Zweitligameister, won Top Scorer in Coppa Italiana with 4 goals. While he was in Juventus FC they won Italian Cup 3 times and also won Italian Super Cup 2 times, 4 times Italian Champion and To Scorer for Juventus FC. In 2017 he was one of the three chosen finalists for the UEFA Champions League Forward of the Season Award also he was nominated for UEFA Best Player of the Year award. 

Paulo had muscular problems, had stress response of the bone and was  out for 31 days, he later had a strain and was out for 42 days followed by a groin injury then a Hamstring injury which took him out for 38 days and two unknown injuries that took him out for 20 days.

He was ranked number 2 amongst all players born in 1993 then ranked number 1 amongst all players playing as Second Striker, he was also ranked number 2 amongst all players from Argentina. Paulo was later ranked number 1 amongst all players at Juventus FC then  ranked number 1 amongst all players of the Serie Aand finally ranked number 11 amongst all players worldwide.

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