Peter Jones NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Peter Jones Net Worth

The popular adage of `life not being about how many times one falls, but by one’s willingness to always try to rise after each fall’ is often seen as the case of easier said than done, as it is one which can only be implemented,  by those who bear the virtues of patience, and perseverance. The adage however, could be idealized as to being in concession to the success story of the British entrepreneur, Peter Jones.

Peter David Jones,  is an international business man born on the 18th of March 1966, in Berkshire, in England his home country. He although being a very successful business man, is more famous for his engagement as a panelist, on the popular BBC television program, `Dragon’s Den which is presented by Evan Davids, in which Peter is the only remaining original investor. He currently resides in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire in the U.K.

Jones has a net-worth estimated to be close to £500 million,  a result of  his various business ventures and investments, as well as his media engagements.

Growing up in his birth county, Berkshire, where he attended, and received his junior and upper academic certifications, he always had dreams of one day owning and controlling a multimillion enterprise, this saw him regularly visit his father’s office, just to sit on his chair and pretend as if he was the manager. He at a young age while still in his junior’s decided to start a job in a tennis summer school, which was owned by his English teacher. Over a period of time working there, he got impressed with the manner in which his teacher had run the tennis school, this led to him deciding to open his own, ensuing the great amount of experience, and knowledge he believed to have gained working for his teacher.

At age sixteen, Jones decided to establish a computer production business, which he ran for some years, but didn’t get to receive all he would have expected while setting it up. Another disappointing venture would be the bar he opened afterwards, which he finally had to sell off. He then decided to join Siemens Nixdorf, an enterprise he would later take charge of.

In 1998, he decided to try again, he went on  and established the phones international group. This time around the business continued to grow gaining a total of £14 million in the first year of its sales, and by the second year, an interesting £44 million. The establishment has grown and broadened its scope to other miniature branches, including the Generation telecom, which was later sold for millions of pounds. He is now also the owner of  Jessops, which is a photographic retailing company in England.

His persistent rise with his business engagements  has enabled him to be recognized as the emerging entrepreneur of the year back in 2002, by the Times/ Ernst & Young, and his telecom venture by 2003 been ranked as one of the fastest developing enterprise.

Jonny apart from his Dragon’s Den appearances has also featured in quite a number of other television shows, and events such as,  the American inventor, Tycoon, Hustle, Celebrity Juice amongst others.

Peter Jones had a career that was marked with ups and downs, the instability saw him go from owning cars such as a BMW, a Porsche, an expensive apartment, and basically living a really enjoyable and comfortable life, to a period where he had to sell almost all his entitlements, and sadly go back to living with his parents, a truly testing period. But amidst all  this he didn’t give up, but saw this as a period to assess the mistakes which had led to all these, then through it learn and improve. Through his experience he gained control in the company in which he got employed in, and went on to try his entrepreneurial abilities in his new establishment, and the rest is history.

Jonny always  had the dream of being a successful entrepreneur, a dream he  worked hard to achieve through his unrelenting, and persistent attitude. He  went rock bottom, both took  the bold step to get up, implementing his new learnings, as he believed that events in life are experiences to teach and improve, and expressing really that perseverance yields success.

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