Richard Branson Journey To Success: NET WORTH

A conglomerate being a Group of subsidiary establishments, under a single umbrella is a business dealing, way beyond the ordinary sole-proprietary business, or the partnership business, as owners are faced with  the complexity behind its management which could present tedious challenges. There  are however few individuals who  have really developed this kind of organization to being a successful large-scale business,  as well as a colossal income stream, one of them is  Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, is an investor and business icon who was born on the 18th of July 1950, in Blackheath, London. He lives in his expensive home in Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. Branson has been traced to having an Indian descent.

Branson in 2018 was estimated by Forbes to having a net-worth of US $5.1 billion. His  enormous wealth, could be said to be mostly  sourced from his ownership of the Virgin Group Conglomerate, and it’s ancillaries.

Branson grew up in Buckinghamshire, where he had his secondary education at the Stowe school, but was diagnosed to be suffering from dyslexia, which impaired his educational plight. He went on to say his teacher on the last in school, had predicted that he would  in future either become a prisoner, or a very wealthy individual. He since his early days, has had ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur, which saw him start up his first establishment which was a magazine publishing company, at just the age of sixteen, and a year later recorded a profit of over £40,000.

He afterwards,  started a record business, using his magazine to generate publicity for his new venture, he later went ahead to create a record store which also generated a decent amount of outcome. Following his record store successes, he began a record label, naming it `Virgin Records’.

The record label helped record albums of some reputable musicians, and with consistent development, became the biggest independent record label in the globe. This aided  him generate a net-worth, of about £5 million by 1979.

Following his status as a multi-millionaire, he decided to diversify and created the Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Virgin Cargo in 1984, then followed the creation of Virgin Hollidays the following year. He however sadly had to sell off his label to keep his airline company running. He is also the owner of Virgin Australia, and Virgin Express, which he had bought which was previously Euro Belgian Airways. Branson also founded the Virgin media which was later sold to the U.K company, NTL for a billion dollar.

In line with his undying interest and quest to go beyond the ordinary, he created Virgin Galactic in 2004, a sub-orbital tourism organization, which has planned to make on  its first trip, tickets available for travelers for $200,000 each. The Virgin Group has in total became the commanding company to over four hundred different subsidiaries such as Virgin Racing, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Rail, V2 Records which was launched to replace the predecessor label which he had previously sold, the  Virgin America, and the Virgin Health Bank amongst others.

Prior to his Virgin Group launch, he had started businesses of sales of both Christmas trees and Australian birds, both of which weren’t successful, but he had the zeal to keep trying new things. His drive to always trying to achieve better, has made him go beyond the ordinary business owner, and develop his company into what is today an empire, and arguably one of the biggest companies in the world.

He developed reading issues from his young age, but he didn’t view it as a factor to impede or deter his dreams, and quest of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He chose to implement hard-work with with tools of persistence, zeal and ambition, and through this has helped grow a categorically small establishment, into a multi-billion dollar organization.

Rashed Miah
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