Rihanna Journey To Success: NET WORTH

Migration as been an inevitable part of human’s process of coexisting with one another, and while some travel for the reason of sight seeing, visiting friends or acquaintances, or basically to have a change of an environment, people do also seek to relocate in search of greener pastures. One of the individuals whose change in location has gone to become the source of a new career, and a rise to stardom is the popular actor, Rihanna.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was born on the 20th of February 1988 in Saint Micheal, Barbados. She is a professional singer who had been able to make over 250 million track sales. She is a Barbadian, who has her  linage from Africa and Ireland. She currently resides in London, U.K.

She has been estimated to have acquired a massive net-worth of about $600 million by 2019.

Rihanna attended high school partially, and also was an army cadet, but had to ditch all these, as her interest in music grew. She began her career as a member of a singing trio, and was recognized by a local producer who would then bring her to the U.S where she recorded her two demo tracks, later getting signed to the production organization. She would eventually get more recognition, particularly by Def Jam label officials, leading to her scheduled audition for the music label. After she performed a couple of songs for them during the audition, amidst initial reluctance, they were then sure to put pen to paper with the young performer. They were so eager to enlist her to their label, as they had her wait for hours for the arrival of the lawyers and the various other formalities, as they expressed their fears of her getting signed by another label.

She would then release her first single under her new label, and with that kickstarting her professional singing career. She released her first album on August, 2005, which has now been certified Gold, and grossed over $2 million from its purchases. She would gradually affirm a position in the music industry as she subsequently released various other albums, gaining her as much as nine Grammy awards as well as various other award winnings and nominations. Aside her blistering fame through her music, a large percentage of her earnings can also be attributed to her music sales. In 2016, she acquired at least $6 million from her music’s online streams.

She has equally like various other artists held various tours, which has provided a great deal of profit aside the primary aim of popularizing her albums. Her 2013 tour was able to gross a whooping total of about $140 million dollars.

Rihanna aside her music, has a few other involvements that aid her in massing her hefty earnings, such as her fashion brand, Fenty from which she owns about a sixth of the $3 billion total company revenue. The company also  produces such beauty products like perfumes.

She also generates quite a lot from her instagram account which has an enormous amount of fan base, with over seventy million followers worldwide. She is estimated to be accumulating between $140,000 to $250,000 from each of her sponsored contents . In accordance with her big name advertising, she has also had legal dealings with quite a number of companies including her big money deal with the Mobile and electronic giant, Samsung. All these and more have been able to help her to the listing by Forbes as one of the highest earning celebrities in the world.

Her rise to fame could be credited to her consistency in continually trying to give her best, following her dreams, and doing what she does on a regular. She has through these been able to grow into a major name in the entertainment industry.

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