Robert Lewandowski Football Statistics To Success

He was born August 22, 1988 in Warsaw,Poland  to Parents Krzysztof who was a former football player and Iwona Lewandowski who was a one time football player for AZS Warsaw and also the Vice President of Partyzant Leszno and he has a sister who is named Milena. He plays Centre Forward and also as a Second Striker, his agent is Pinhas Zahavi and he currently plays for Bayern Munich where he joined the club July 1,2014 and his contract ends June 30, 2021. His outfitter is Nike and he is a right foot player as well. 

He started his rise in football from the age of 19 years 9 months when he joined the Poland U21 team in June, 2008 where he was seen in 3 matches and his coach was Andrzej Zamilski and he joined The Poland National team September 10,2008 where he played in 104 matches and scored 56 goals and was coached by Leo Beenhakker when he was just 20 years old. Robert played in International Friendlies, World Cup Qualification,Euro 2012 e scored the first goal of the tournament then played in the World Cup 2018 and The UEFA Nations League he played in over 104 matches with 56 goals to boast and 19 assists where he was substituted on 12 times and substituted off 34 times with 7 yellow cards and 10 amazing penalty goals with 142’ minutes per goal done in  7,960 ‘ minutes played. During the 15/16 season by scoring the 5 goals in the space of nine minutes into the game which is the fastest in the major European Football League, he was awarded by the Guinness World Records with 4 certificates for this.

In season 05/06  July 1, 2005 he transferred free from Delta Warszawa to Legia II then in 06/07 he moved to Znicz Pruszkow in July,2006 with the Fee of 14 Thousand Pounds. In the season of 08/09 June 18,2008 Robert joined Lech Poznan with the growing of his Market Value which was £450 Thousand Pounds with the fee of £342 Thousand Pounds. He then moved in season 10/11 July 1,2010 he joined the Borussia Dortmund with an increasingly MV of £4.5 Million Pounds and fee of £4.28 Million Pounds then in the season of 14/15 July 1,2014 he left to join Bayern Munich with an outstanding MV of £45 Million Pounds with a free transfer to the team. Robert’s current MV is £63 Million Pounds as of when it was last updated December 18,2018 and his Highest MV is £81 Million Pounds as of April 4, 2018. In his 137th  appearance for Bayern Munich he finished the season with a record of 42 goals in 47 matches.

Robert was honored for being Top Scorer 11 time with a total of 180 goals from Seasons 06 to Season 17/18, he was awarded Footballer of the year 7 times for 7 years consecutively. He won Polish Super Cup Winner for his team Lech Poznan following winning 3 German Super Cup Winner for Bayern Munich and 1 German Super Cup Winner for Borussia Dortmund. He won 6 times German Champion during the Bundlesliga for Both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund he later won German Cup Winner for Bayern Munich 15/16 and Borussia Dortmund in 11/12 also winning Polish Cup Winner for Lech Poznan in 08/09. 

Robert has been Married to his wife Anna since 2013 plus she is also a sports woman, the welcomed their baby girl Klara back in 2017. He is a practicing Catholic and not only is he doing well in his Career, he is a venture capitalist who also invests in start up enterprises.

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