Sergio Ramos Football Statistics To Success

Sergio was born March 30, 1986 in Camas, Serville Spain to loving parents Jose Maria and Paqui Ramos and has a brother and a sister. At a young age Sergio want to grow up to be a respected Bull fighter just like the kids his age in Spain but soon after his now manager who is senior brother introduced him to Football. His parents were happy that he showed a lot of promise in becoming a footballer so they hired a private trainer to keep him fit and then went to join FC Camas which turned out to be a great learning process for him. 

In season 02/03 Sergio left Sevilla U19 to join Sevilla B and in the next season we see he joined Sevilla FC then in 05/06  August 31,2005 he joined Real Madrid with a Market Value of 27 Million Euro and a joining fee of 27 Million Euro as well. His current MV is 30 Million Euro which was last updated December 21,2018 and his Highest MV is50 Million Euro as of March 2018. His main position is Centre Back and he also plays as a Right Back, he is a right foot player and his Agent is his senior brother Rene Ramos. Sergio joined Real Madrid August 31,2005 and his contract ends June 30,2021. 

Currently he is Ranked as number 219 among players worldwide, in LaLiga he is ranked number 49 amongst all players of LaLiga. In Real Madrid he is ranked 12 amongst all players in the team followed by being ranked no 27 among all players in Spain , ranked number 38 amongst all the players playing as Centre Back and then he is ranked as number 1 among all players born in 1986.

At the age of 17 he played in LaLiga February 2004 and was managed by Joaquin Caparros then September 16,2004 he played in UEFA Cup with his team when he 18 and was still managed by Joaquin Caparros. He played in The UEFA Champions League at age 19 he was managed by Vanderlei Luxembourg then he appeared again in Copa del Rey January 3,2006 was managed by Juan Ramon Lopez Caro when he was 19 years 9 months. He later played at the FIFA Club World Cup in December 2014 when he was 28 under the management of Carlo Ancelotti.

Sergio won with his team the European U19 Champion in 2004, won 2 times Spanish Cup Winner in season 10/11 and 13/14, he and his team team went on to win Spanish Champion 4 times. In 4 seasons Sergio and his team took home 4 times Champions League Winner Cup also taking home 2 times European champion in 2008 and 2012 and last but not the least they took home The World Cup in 2010.  

LaLiga 18/19 he made 28 appearances, 6 goals with 2 assists, 6 yellow cards and 1 second yellow card with 80% starting eleven, 79% minutes played and 13% goal participation then in Copa del Rey he appeared in 6 matches, 3 goals no assists and 2 yellow cards with 75% starting eleven, 65% minutes played and 14% goal participation. Champions League he made 5 appearances with 2 yellow cards with 63% starting eleven and 58% minutes played and Club World Cup he appeared in 2 games ,a goal and 1 yellow card and 100% starting eleven,100% minutes played with a 14% goal participation. 

He sustained Hamstring injuries during the 18/19 season but the upside is he is married to Pilar Rubio in 2012 and they now have 2 sons named Sergio and Marco Ramos and in his free time he plays the guitar.

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