Simon Cowell Journey To Success: NET WORTH

Reality television and talent shows , have created a means through which contenders hope to gain publicity, and with it further their various career endeavors. Such interesting programs has also been known to provide its viewers with entertaining and lively personalities other than its contenders.  A unique personality who witnessed his rise to fame through this channel is the British talent manager, Simon Cowell.

Simon Phillip Cowell was born on the 7th of October 1959, in Lambeth, London. He is a record producer, and the CEO of English entertainment establishment, Syco, but the 59 year old is known more prominently as being the judge to various talents competitions,  such as the  American Idol, and the America’s Got Talent show to mention a few. He resides in his expensive home located in Wimbledon, London, which he purchased for over $18 million. Although having a British nationality, the  affluent business man has been traced to having Jewish and polish ancestors.

Simon Cowell has an estimated net-worth of six hundred million dollars as of 2019, a net-worth which has been a resultant outcome from quite a few ventures of his. He was reported to have been making an earning of  at least $72 million annually between 2008, and 2014.

He acquired a certificate in sociology before trying out a couple of minor jobs, as these only provided him with little income. He was then called by his dad to work in EMI music publishing, which his dad owned. He would subsequently exit the company in quest to establish E&S music which did not incur the best outcomes. He would then go on to establish another music group; Fanfare Records, where he produced a couple of hits.

Following years saw him work as a consultant in the BMG, before what would be a telling point in his life as he gained the position of a judge at the entertainment contest, Pop Idol. The following year 2002, saw him equally become a judge in another T.V contest, The American Idol. Cowell’s notoriety consistently grew as he began to feature on various other T.V shows, and related competitions. He was equally making a considerable substantial amount, as he earned from the American Idol around $8 million annually prior to his new contract with the franchise, which sees him earn as much as $33 million annually.

Cowell made his exit from the American Idol show, and subsequently went on to launch the U. S version of the X Factor, in  which he had previously been staring on its Pioneer version in the U.K. He was recorded to have earned a whooping $75 million by the end of 2012.

The popular reality T.V judge is also the owner of the Syco Records. A record label which he formed back in 2002, before selling it to Sony for $70 million, but was later reported to have reached a compromise with Sony in a new deal. The deal grants him 50% interest to a new label, Syco Entertainment. The record label has been able to sign immense talents through his involvements as a talent show judge. Some of these participants have gone to become big names in the industry. This  provided him another source of revenue. Some of the recruits to his Syco Label, who went on to become successful artists include; One direction, Little Mix, and The Fifth Harmony.

Cowell is also a member of the crew of judges of the America’ Got Talent show, as well as the British Got Talent, both of which was founded by him in 2006.

Simon Cowell has been able to blend the attribute of creativity, and that of consistency in his craft. He has shown the eye of a revolutionist, and an innovator, while still putting in the required effort in his existing dealings. This could be seen as the strategy or formula which has aided him to keep on growing. He has not been in any way stagnant, but has kept on looking, and creating new means to enriching himself.  This has kept the 59 year old, on an ever-growing route as a successful T.V personality, and Entrepreneur.

Rashed Miah
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