Steve Jobs Net Worth: Journey To Success

Although being in a world that sees constant change and that filled with uncertainties, it is however rare to see a story of someone who fought so hard to create some-worth an empire, only to be forced out of it, but later called back to aid it’s revival. This was the story of the late technology  driven Icon, Steve Jobs.

Late Steve Paul Jobs was born on the 24th of February 1955, at San Francisco, California, in the United States, he was the Chairman, co-founder and Chief executive officer (C.E.O) of Apple inc. He was also the chairman of Pixar, the co-founder of NeXT, and a board member of the prestigious Walt Disney company. He was an entrepreneur and and investor, who aided the microcomputers revolution in the 1970s.

He had  an estimated net-worth of about $10 billion, sourced from his various technological inventions and investments.

Unlike any other child, Steve after being born in California, was put up for adoption, and grew up in San Francisco. In 1972 he  enrolled into and later decided to drop out of his study institution at Reed College. Later on in 1976, he together with his colleague Wozniak co-founded Apple. After a year,  and the introduction of their new prototype in 1977, they began to acclaim wealth and fame. Subsequent growth an introduction of advanced models, saw the growth and development of his company, but due to managerial discrepancies and differences with the then chief executive officer, and the members of the board of the company, he was forced out of his own establishment in 1985. This led to him forming an new company called NeXT which specialized in the creation of computers for higher education and business markets, he also funded and became the number one share holder of another company, Pixar.

1997 saw the merging of NeXT with his old company Apple ,where he finally got to become the C.E.O of the company after a couple of months, and was instrumental in the process of its revival, as they were on the verge of bankruptcy, through the introduction of various groundbreaking products. With the assistance of Jony Ive they created the iMac, iTunes, apple store, App Store, iTunes Store, the iPhone and the iPod. His will and success in his creation saw him attain various international awards, a national medal of technology from the then president of America, entrepreneur of the decade by inc. Magazine, most powerful person in business by fortune Magazine, and even a statue at the Budapest park were only just a few of the honorary accolades he acclaimed.

Although it was recorded that he lived exhibiting some negative habits  such as his smoking of LSD, he is a man who from his childhood always tried to battle unpleasant situations which he encountered, he didn’t also have the best childhood as circumstances at birth, made him to be put up for adoption, he didn’t dwell on this, or site it as an excuse not to push himself to be the possible best version of himself  that he could be. He was also made to relinquish his membership, to a company he had seen to it’s creation and growth, but this just made him, create another company instead of being discouraged. He worked hard to later regain all, and through it even establish more.

The amount of attitude he showed admits disappointing, and unpleasant situations is one which is truly commendable, he saw the possibility of producing more from any present situation, relentlessly pursuing greater heights and keeping a positive mindset, these aided him carry out actions that always ensured, that he advanced in his plights, and in all generally evolved.

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