35 Inspiring 50 Cent Quotes On Success

50 Cent awed the world with his passion for Music, he is musically gifted, he is well known as an American rapper. Not on this, he is a successful businessman, and investor. He also has a passion for acting. His actual name is Curtis Jackson. He was signed by the Shady Records and discovered by […]


Why The Majority Fail To Become Wealthy

It is not easy to become rich in this world. Only a few people are lucky enough to live out their dreams and achieve massive success in this world. Another thing that holds most people from becoming rich is because they never stop working for other people. When people work for other people, they are […]


Why Is It So Tough To Become rich?

The average person can only dream of becoming wealthy. Wealth is in abundance, but very few people have control over a large portion of the wealth of the world. Although people living in developed nations have a much better chance of becoming wealthy, a majority of the population fails to become rich in their lifetimes. […]


Why Are People So Miserable At Their Jobs?

No one gets taught about their career choices in school. That is why it becomes a very challenging decision for each of us when we are thrust out into the open world right after our university, and we are asked to choose a career path for us. When we are young, we dream about becoming […]


30 Inspiring R. Kelly Quotes On Success

R. Kelly is famous singer, he started his career in the late 1980s and slowly became a R&B and Hip-hop sensation. He is also known for his skills in song writing and he is an excellent record producer. He also has a strong passion for Basketball. R. Kelly worked very hard which made him a […]