maya angelou quotes

35 Maya Angelou Quotes On Courage And Success

Maya Angelou was born on April 4, 1928, as Marguerite Johnson. She gained her name Maya from her elder brother. Her parents divorced when she was young. After that, with her brother, she went to live with her grandmother. She went to San Francisco when she won a scholarship. These Maya Angelou quotes are inspirational, […]

anxiety quotes

35 Anxiety Quotes By Famous People

Many people who suffer from a panic or anxiety disorder often wonder what causes anxiety. Well, the cause of panic and anxiety is different for everyone. Some people may find themselves in a situation of real fear while others base their panic purely on psychological thoughts. Nowadays, it feels like anxiety attacks are a normal […]

adversity quotes

35 Adversity Quotes By Famous People

Your life is just like a boat, you stay afloat until it is damaged and water is gushing in. Facing adversity in life is inevitable, make sure you patch the damages quickly so that you can move on in life. Your life will come to an end one day, it is guaranteed, facing adversity with […]


35 Sleep Quotes By Famous People On Success

Sleep is essential to our survival. It is important that you get quality sleep. Furthermore, oversleeping can cause us to lose energy and become drowsier during the day. Some people aren’t getting enough sleep simply because there isn’t enough time in the day. Our life and work have become so demanding that they start nibbling […]

History Quotes

35 History Quotes By Famous People

History is the study of the past, specifically the people, societies, events, and problems of the past as well as our challenges to understand them. History is important to our life because we do not use history only to study the past but also to know more about moving forward learning from the past. These […]

money quotes

35 Inspirational Money Quotes By Famous People

We all know how important money is. Without money, we cannot do anything. However, if we only care about making money and nothing else, many parts of our lives stay unsatisfied. Money is not a purpose in life, but a way to manage to live. Pay attention to the way you use your money, making […]

darkness quotes

35 Darkness Quotes By Famous People

Dark times come to all of us whether we are rich or poor, healthy or sick, and old or young. The fact is no one can measure another’s problem unless they face it themselves. What is important is that despite the tribulation we may face in our lives there should always be a reason from […]

anxiety quotes

35 Quotes On Evil By Famous People

Good and evil are not independent but depended on each other. As soon as a man defined good, evil is habitually defined being the opposite of good. If we define love as good, hatred is automatically known as evil. If life is good, then death is evil. The list is endless as everything in this […]

depression quotes

35 Depression Quotes By Famous People

Depression is the most common mental health problem. Depression is a serious illness and everyone needs to have some understanding of it whether you’re suffering from depression, or have a friend or loved one suffering from it, or whether you’re just hearing of it. The secret to handling this illness lies in the early diagnosis […]

philosophy quotes

35 Philosophy Quotes By Famous People

Most of the people who used to study philosophy usually end up with more questions than they started with. Some think that philosophy has given their lives a new sense, and for others; it is a total waste of time. Philosophy has different meanings at different times. Some people consider that philosophy has no useful […]

Neighbor quotes

35 Neighbor Quotes By Famous People

Neighbor lives next door or neighbors are those people who stay near our home. A well-mannered neighbor is a great blessing. A good neighbor becomes more than relative to us. In our difficulties and worries, a good neighbor is always ready to help us. Neighbors should be easily available to us to help whenever we […]

Grinch quotes

30 Grinch Quotes That Will Cheer You Up

What is Grinch? The Grinch is a well-known fictional character. This character was created by the famous Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is well known as the protagonist of the children’s book (How The Greenwich Stole Christmas). Bob Holt, Boris Karloff, Hans Conried, and Jim Carrey are some of the people who played the Grinch. These […]

mindfulness quotes

35 Mindfulness Quotes By Famous People

Mindfulness is a 2500 year skill, a skill of life. As a way of working with our minds, we are seeing it being reclaimed by modern medicine as a way of dealing with stress, pain, and depression without resorting to drug treatment. However, mindfulness can make our lives richer, more creative, more focused, and therefore […]

thankful quotes for god

35 Thankful Quotes For God By Famous People

God is the greatest. We should appreciate everything God has given us, all the blessings and light he has given into our lives is priceless. The least we can do is thank God daily. Always take your time when you are alone to give thanks to God, in gatherings you should remind others to be […]

studying quotes

35 Motivational Studying Quotes By Famous People

Without studying, you cannot gain any knowledge, and knowledge is the key to success. Studying is a process that can only bring results if there’s an existing interest in the topic. Studying requires devotion of one’s time and a key interest towards what you are studying, some sort of desire needs to come from you […]

mother and son quotes

35 Mother And Son Quotes By Famous People

A mothers love starts before the child is even born. A mothers love is unconditional. Mothers are awesome, they take care of us as soon as we are born, they bring us up to an adult, and help us stay on the right path in life. Our mothers are strong mentally and even physically. Our […]

lion quotes

40 Lion Quotes By Famous People

A lion is a mighty animal who rules the jungles. This animal is one of the strongest animals known to man. This animal symbolizes pride, bravery, courage, and fearlessness. These 40 lion quotes are inspirational, lions are used to describe powerful and beasty things, read these quotes, and be inspired. The average weight of a […]

learning quotes

36 Learning Quotes By Famous People

We are constantly learning throughout our entire lives, we never stop learning. We acquire knowledge or skills by studying, practicing, teaching, or experimenting with something is known as learning. Learning quotes are inspirational, we should never stop learning, after leaving school, we should not stop learning. There are many methods to learn. Different methods of […]

trust quotes

40 Trust Quotes By Famous People

There are only a couple of natural powers that hold our reality together. The one that is the paste of society is called trust. Its essence concretes connections by permitting individuals to live and cooperate, have a sense of security and have a place with a gathering. Trust in a pioneer permits associations and networks […]

sunflower quotes

35 Sunflower Quotes By Famous People

These sunflower quotes are inspirational. Sunflower is an herbaceous annual plant, has a thick, hairy erect stem that gives rise to a flower head. Some of them are grown for oil, seeds, and food. They bloom during summer and into autumn. Sunflowers turn to the sun, therefore; their name is sunflowers. These flowers have a […]

achieve quotes

35 Achieve Quotes By Famous People

Achieving things in our life as per your requirement is one of the happiest moments of your life. Having desires is a part of life, successful people work hard to achieve them. Leaders believe in accomplishments and achievements and work with dedication. These achieve quotes are inspirational, you will feel motivated after reading these quotes […]


35 Self Love Quotes By Famous People

Self love is as important as surviving. Those who do not love themselves can never live in peace. Choosing yourself over others is not being selfish. It means you own yourself and making yourself a priority. Life will give you happiness and sorrows, but it is your responsibility to choose whether you want to make […]

dedication quotes

35 Dedication Quotes By Famous People

These dedication quotes are inspirational. A state of being committed to something is dedication. It is a quality to being loyal to a purpose. Leaders believe in achievements through struggles and hardships. Having no aim and no dedication makes your life useless and meaningless. Working with dedication will get you great success.  Dedication is a necessary […]

Persistence Quotes

35 Persistence Quotes By Famous People

Persistence is the quality of trying continuously for something, even when it is hard to get. Commitment is the key to success and, those who hold to their goals and work harder to achieve them get closer to their destination. They may fail at times but, they are never losers as they never quit trying. […]