Taylor Swift Journey To Success: NET WORTH

Humans try to find a role in life, to which they could earn from and subsequently grow in, but while some attain a merited level of success after years of experience and tiresome efforts, there are the other group of individuals,  who manage to attain this with ease, and at a tender age, and has gradually grown into becoming even greater. This could be described as being similar to the tale of a young girl from Pennsylvania, who have evolved to become the wealthiest female musician, and one of the most successful celebrities of her time.

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer and actress, born on December the 13th, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She resides in a two-story penthouse in Nashville, which she had reportedly purchased in 2009, for about $2 million. The building has 3 massive bedrooms, with multiple bathrooms. Taylor has an ancestry of German, and English decent, as well as distant roots in France, Sweden, Netherland, and Belgium. She has also claimed to have Scottish heritage.

The young singer has been estimated in 2019 to having a net-worth of roughly $360 million, most of which she had acquired before the age of 27. This brought about rumors about her possible billionaire status by the time she would turn thirty.

Taylor attended Aaron Academy, where she finished a year earlier as she needed homeschooling to assist and aid her tour schedules. But prior to these she had been long interested in singing from when she was nine, she also learnt to play the guitar at twelve. She completed a development deal with RCA Records before the age of fourteen, but later signed for Sony close to her exit from her former Records. She would however get signed to Big Machine Records, which was starting up at the time, and would subsequently release her first album, `Taylor Swift ‘ in October of 2006. The album would eventually rank fifth on the Billboard 200, staying there for what would be the longest period of any album on the chart that decade. The album has made over a total of 7 million sales.

Taylor has since continued with the same zeal and dedication leading to successes in her subsequent albums. These has also provided her a huge income stream, as she reportedly made over $6 million on her first album and then her fifth and sixth albums, grossing over $9 million and 6 million respectively.

The vibrant songwriter has also starred in more than four movies, from which she has incurred earnings far greater than an average Hollywood Star. Some of her works includes the Jonas brothers, Valentine’s day, Hannah Montana: The Movie, and the Givers.

Another interesting source of her colossal fortune is her tours and concerts. She was said to have made over a hundred million dollars from her world tour to her 2014 album,`1989’ alone, and made $54 million from a stadium tour in 2018.

Taylor has also combined the endorsing of reputable brands like Apple, Diet Coke, and Capital One, with her YouTube earnings of an annual estimate of $2 million. Her vevo channel grosses  a possible $7 million and even more, from which she has an eligible claim of 20%.

Taylor had been estimated to have made a daily average of $1million in 2016, a round-up of all her various endeavors. Her music career has provided her with millions of albums sales, making her one of the highest selling artists, and in line with this, also provided her the chance to winning a great deal of awards. As many of her counterparts dream of winning a Grammy, she has been able to win as much as ten Grammy award, in addition to her 23 Billboard Awards, and an Emmy Award.

Taylor has explained that she took part in a musical contest in which she lost, saying that every other contestant was doing equally the same thing. She would however go back to think of a way to do something different from the others, to find a unique style and pattern. This could be explained as the mindset she used in pursuit of her musical career, she always tried to find a unique style, a way meant for her, and to which she was suited, as she would say that her music were mainly her telling stories about herself, her feelings, and dealings.

It could be agreed on that as one tries in life to pursue a path, one with already existing individuals, the key to standing out, is finding a unique way to go about your dealings, and with the right attitude, been hardworking and dedicated, success is assured.

Rashed Miah
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