Top 35 Logan Paul Quotes

Logan Paul is an inspiration to us all, Logan Paul’s quotes will help you understand of a person he is. Logan Paul is a very rich YouTuber, a famous top YouTuber, at the top with the likes of KSI, PewDiePie, MRBEAT are a few to name. He has millions of subscribers on YouTube. Many ask, what is Loan Paul Net Worth? Logan Paul Net Worth is an outstanding $19 million. He is one of the famous Paul brothers, Logan Paul has another brother Jake Paul who is also YouTuber. Logan Paul year of birth is 1995.

How did Logan Paul become famous? His videos on YouTube are comedy based, Logan tried to focus on the genre comedy in the form of entertaining his audience. Logan Paul started his career on the app Vine, he used to get many views, he slowly started to become peoples favourite and over the next few years he started to create YouTube Videos. His fame grew as he made more and more content daily. We could take away a lot from his life, he is a person who was consistent in his career as a vlogger, he was determined and worked hard to produce quality content, this resonated with the success he has now with his wealth and fame. These quotes should hopefully inspire you to achieve success in whatever you do.

  1. “I want to be the biggest entertainer in the world. That’s my deal. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that.” – Logan Paul

  2. “Creatively. physically. mentally. haven’t been this fulfilled & hungry in a while… we‘re on the cusp of great greatness.” Logan Paul
  3. “we’ve shot 93 episodes of IMPAULSIVE, the number 1 podcast in the world.” Logan Paul
  4. “when you bout to troll the whole world with pink eye.” Logan Paul
  5. “I try my best to avoid slamming people on twitter because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end (and rightfully so), but this video of that girl hitting & spitting on her dog is remarkably grotesque, and irks me for many reasons.” Logan Paul

  6. “I’m everywhere, baby, I’m everywhere. And I’m nowhere, I’m like a ghost.” – Logan Paul
  7. “travel whenever you can. this Ibiza trip has allowed me to push the “reset” button on my mental, think about a lot of personal sh*t and solidify my goals & what the next 6-12 months of my life look like the future is bright.” Logan Paul
  8. “man it’s so stupid but i really do appreciate all the love & support y’all are sending for kong. crazy how a little defunct pomeranian made so many people laugh & smile.” Logan Paul
  9. “Every big platform wants to be the video platform.” – Logan Paul
  10. “If you can be yourself and people like you, you’re golden.” – Logan Paul

  11. “no words can begin to describe the despair i feel after hearing of the tragedy that unfolded today in El Paso. my heart breaks for all the individuals & families impacted by another senseless shooting. all humans deserve to feel safe at school, work & in public.” Logan Paul
  12. “weird goals of mine: – live to 150 – die on mars – spend 1 year in isolation – son plays in the NBA – create a cracker brand – back on google preferred.” Logan Paul
  13. “I tried to organize a meet up and bring a bunch of shovels so we could all dig a giant escape hole but turns out it’s pretty fkn illegal.” Logan Paul
  14. “Enough is enough. I’m going to bust ASAP Rocky out of Swedish jail.” Logan Paul
  15. “I’m the hardest dude in Runyon Canyon, no doubt.” Logan Paul

  16. “I just told a girl “you’re nice to meet” fml I can’t do LA.” Logan Paul
  17. “Please keep Sri Lanka & the families impacted by the destruction in your prayers today… disgusted that innocent people celebrating Easter Sunday have been targeted in this way.” Logan Paul
  18. “Lilly Singh just secured her own late night show… now this is the shi** I like to see HUGE congrats.” Logan Paul
  19. “Damn. i often have moments of EXTREME gratitude and appreciation for the love & support i get from y’all. thank you for being the dopest fans on the internet. let’s run 2019.” Logan Paul
  20. “Just so you know, I am an ex-controversial YouTuber.” – Logan Paul

  21. “When you ask me my opinion I’m always sure to be your minion. Girl, you’re kinda like long division. Everything is difficult. Help me help you.” – Logan Paul
  22. “Ma came in town to help me through tonsil surgery… walking into hospital, it’s raining. i catch a slippery incline wrong & eat shit. ma is walking next to me. i kick her ankles out and she also eats shit. just a mother and son. eating shit. together. incredible.” Logan Paul
  23. “Hey yo, if you want to get the girl of your dreams, it’s not about the diamonds or the pearls or the fancy cars, or about the business class tickets to the Maldives. You just need to get your famous friends to sing on a track with you.” – Logan Paul
  24. “I’m unlike any other creator on the Internet.” – Logan Paul
  25. “I’m just a boy from Ohio following his dreams. I’m somebody’s hero? Wow, that’s amazing!” – Logan Paul

  26. “Damn. infinite love for everyone who’s aided my 2018 growth. fans and friends. 2019 i‘m not sure you’re ready.” Logan Paul
  27. “I’m aware that my rhymes are super intelligent. It’s ’cause I’m in the zone. I’m avatar in my element. I’m rhyme bender, here to stay, resident.” – Logan Paul
  28. “2019 is gonna be a big year for us blessed to be able to make content for y’all, im gonna go open some gifts ayoooooo.” Logan Paul
  29. “I’ve wrestled my whole life.” – Logan Paul
  30. “Sometimes you just gotta let people suck.” Logan Paul

  31. “I’m an athlete, I’m funny, I’m creative, I can tell a story, I’m likable.” – Logan Paul
  32. “Today we give praise to the first responders keeping us safe & remember that our nation is powered by the great Americans before us & the legacies they’ve left. Lets honor our veterans & never forget what they’ve done to keep us protected & free. To all vets, TY for your service!” Logan Paul
  33. “I can sing, I can act, my physical comedy is on point. I can do the splits.”– Logan Paul
  34. “Now who are you to say that this kid ain’t MLK or even Kanye? The point is, he’s a Maverick. He paves his own path. He don’t listen to the haters who may point and laugh.” – Logan Paul

  35. “The issue is sometimes when people are themselves, like, what if you suck, you know? There’s a good chance you’re not gonna resonate and not be relatable to people. You gotta be a goodhearted, positive person. And a lot of YouTubers I’ve met anyways are.” – Logan Paul 

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