Warren Buffet Journey To Success: NET WORTH

Generally the world seems to be viewed as divided in classes based on the level of acquired wealth, standard of living, and level of power dispensable to one, but in all these, it is however occasional to see someone who knew everything about all this, or has a plight in becoming a member of the highest class, early enough as the young age of seven, and today noted to being one of the wealthiest person alive. This to some extent explains the third richest man on the globe, Warren Buffet.

Warren Edward buffet, is an investor and the chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway , he was born on the 30th of August 1930, at Omaha Nebraska in the United States. He resides in the house he had purchased since 1958 for $31,800 in Omaha, Nebraska.

He has a net-worth of about $82 billion, an outcome of the  effort of his so many business and investment years.  He since the early age of seven has developed a lot of interest in investing, and business in general, which saw him taking up quite a few petty businesses, which among them were selling gums, and delivering of newspapers with his bicycle.

He finished high school at about fourteen years of age, and wanted to go into business immediately, having acquired so many knowledge, but this idea was turned down by his dad. He took his father’s advice and went on to kickstart his college education. By the time he had graduated he was reported to have made a total of over  $9,000 ( currently estimated to be worth the value of $103,000) . He further went on to enroll into an economics and business school, to help booster his already wide stream of knowledge. He made a lot of partnership deals and subsequently decided to heavily invest in shares of Berkshire Hathaway, which was a textile company at just about $7 per share, years and years of fruitful returns and successful investing made him the highest share holder of the company, and by July 2019, the third wealthiest man on the planet.

He joined a group of world billionaires group, where he promised to give away over 99% of his accumulated wealth. He later founded `The giving pledge’ with fellow billionaire Bill Gate, where billionaires promise to gift out at least half their wealth to charitable courses. So far he has given at least 28% of that.

He is also a speaker, who apart from his business related activities, also takes part in public events to enlighten and pass his knowledge across.

The amazing zeal to go beyond his peers in the aspect of his involvement with trading, and investing from a young age is one to be applauded. Following this also, as well as creating a philosophy that helped him grow, as well as succeed has been essential in his path to being a successful business magnate.

Another significant attribute he has shown, is in his immense, unselfish and voluntary philanthropic gesture which he continues to exhibit, founding a foundation to help outsource for the less privileged, as also setting the pace by exhibiting regularly his great  benevolence, is an attribute to be emulated by so many people like him around the world. The fact that many individuals strive hard to become as wealthy as they can as possible, even if it results to the unjustified looting and cheating of the ordinary, low classed populace, is one to be discouraged, the wealthy class, should be supportive, and exercise philanthropic gestures, as this will help give chance to the needful, improve societies, and ultimately the standard of living of the masses.

Rashed Miah
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