Which Would You Rather Be An Employer Or An Employee?

You might wonder about the better thing to do: Should you be an employer or an employee? Both types of work has its perks and downsides, although being your own boss is the best thing to be. It is always good to start out as an employee and gather experience right after college. When we are fresh graduates, we might not know how to be productive in our professional careers as we are just starting out in the industry. But, once we start working under a boss and becoming a full time employee of the company, we begin to understand the inner workings of a professionally run company and gather experience as an employee.

For a new individual who is just starting out in the office, it is good to work under a boss and work under deadlines, and be productive for most periods of the day. But after a few years of experience, once you have gathered the necessary skills, it is time to work for your own self, and be your own boss.

Employees generally make less money than an employer, and so if you dream on becoming rich one day, you have got to take the big leap and start your own thing in order to become rich. Although, an important thing to remember is that not all people are suited to being their own boss. Some people work better under supervision, and some people work better with utmost freedom. Some people slack when they have to answer to no one and start becoming lazy at their jobs, and some thrive under a boss. In order to find out the ideal type of work for you, you need to closely examine the pros and cons of being an employee and an employer.

If you develop leadership skills from a young age, you are definitely fit to lead a team and become a good boss one day. If you believe that you work best under an office environment with colleagues all around you, then you are more suited to being an employee of a company.

Being an employer provides you with an ample opportunity to making more money, but it also brings with it more stresses and the pressures of running a company. Being an employer means that you have to answer to no one, and can take decisions on your own. Employers have a level of autonomy and freedom that employees would ever get to enjoy in their workspaces. But, it also means that you need to work harder than your employees as you are in charge of running your company. You need to be prepared to work long hours at work, and thrive under pressure in order to achieve success. You will also need to trade time for money as the longer you work, the more the chances of success for your company.

If you happen to be an employee of a company, you only need to have a particular skill and something that you are really good at doing. You have to be competent and arrive to work on time, daily. You also have the advantage of working a fixed amount of hours for a fixed amount of salary. Although you do not get to enjoy the same levels of freedom as an employer, you have the advantage of working less hard and you don’t need to trade time for money.

Lastly, employees always face the risk of getting fired from the company if they do something wrong or break the rules of the company. This is something an employer does not need to worry about. If you are cut out to survive the extremities of being an employer, then certainly being an employer is better than being an employee.

Rashed Miah
My name is Rashed Miah, I am the CEO and founder of THE RICH GETS RICHER. This website was founded in October 2018. I am very passionate to talk about success, I followed my passion and decided to express my knowledge of success to the world through this website. For all individuals who visits this site, my overall aim is to motivate them about their life, also to help them financially, spiritually, mentally and physically when it comes to success and achieving big goals and dreams.
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