Why The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer

This world is filled with rich people and poor people. While some of us are lucky enough to have more than we need in life, others are unfortunate and struggle to survive on a daily basis. This disparity between the rich and the poor existed since the start of civilization, and rich people are often the ones with the most power and prestige in society. Ever since the ancient times, only a handful of people usurp massive amounts of wealth and control the society and shape their cities in their own image. Once someone manages to accumulate vast sums of wealth, it becomes very hard, almost impossible for that individual to ever become poor again in his lifetime.

Rich people always consolidate their wealth, and rarely make any bad decisions when it comes to their money. Their outlook of life is very different from the common man, and they think about the bigger picture rather than the menial and mundane things of life. Rich people are more optimistic on life and their positive and can-do attitude allows them to take risks and go places to where it becomes impossible for them to ever become poor again. Once someone becomes rich, he or she gets busy in trying to double their money and invest in solid assets, so that their wealth never diminishes. A rich person is smart with money, and is a big risk taker, which allowed him to become rich in the first place. A rich person is better positioned to sustain the shocks of an economic crisis. Unless the government intervenes to freeze all the assets of a rich person, it is very hard for them to ever become poor again. Most rich people often get away with crimes as they use their money to make powerful connections which help them to break the law as the law looks the other way to the crimes of a rich man.

A rich man can use his wealth to accumulate power and prestige in a society, with which he can bend the law according to his own will. Rich people are selfish with their money, and among the countless reasons of never becoming poor again is the fact that they never waste their money once they accumulate wealth. Rich people are also more successful in life, and their cut throat attitudes in business allow them to accumulate even more sums of wealth and power. The rich are also very intelligent with their money, and tie their wealth in different kinds of businesses, so that if one of the business fails, the other one would succeed and increase their wealth portfolio. The rich rarely ever lose money in a business venture, as all their investments and properties are heavily insured and protected from any sort of ill fate or accidents.

The rich are busy in creating multiple streams of income which help them to increase their wealth as time passes by. The millionaires always take calculated risks and bet on a certain thing, and more often than not, their bets pay off in the long run. They rarely let their emotions cloud their judgment, and always their best judgment with their money. The rich also become experts in their field, allowing them to leverage their skills to earn even more sums of money. The rich also tend to learn from their mistakes, and never give up on their dreams, which allows them to be fearless in their businesses. They don’t let their excuses stop them from achieving the things that they set out to achieve, and this is one of the primary reasons why the rich will never become poor.

Rashed Miah
My name is Rashed Miah, I am the CEO and founder of THE RICH GETS RICHER. This website was founded in October 2018. I am very passionate to talk about success, I followed my passion and decided to express my knowledge of success to the world through this website. For all individuals who visits this site, my overall aim is to motivate them about their life, also to help them financially, spiritually, mentally and physically when it comes to success and achieving big goals and dreams.
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