Will Smith Journey To Success: NET WORTH

From dreams of competing in the Olympics, to rapping, to the world of Hollywood, It has been a periodic change of desires and aspirations, but all could be categorized has his historical road to achieving fame, as he is today viewed as one of the  known celebrities in the U.S, and the world in general. However while he grows his popularity and continually masses a great deal of earnings, individuals are a little more inquisitive about the various other sources of his riches, aside his acting and rapping involvements.

Willard Carroll Smith Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States, on the 25th of September 1968, to an Air Force official, and a school admin. Staff. He is a professional actor and singer. He resides in Calabasas, California.

As of 2014, he was estimated to have a net-worth close to $250 million dollars, which increases with his subsequent dealings, by 2019, his wealth has reportedly risen to a whooping $350 million dollars.

He had his high school education at Overbrook High school, and although meeting requirements to further his education at the M.I.T, he would choose instead to continue a career as a rapper.

He started his entertainment career as an M.C, before acclaiming the name, The Fresh Prince, which he began to use as a rapper, after forming a musical group. He however decided to go solo, and was idealized for his story-telling raps,  releasing various tracks and albums. Following years saw him rise in the music industry, while gaining a rich amount through his music. He was able to make as much as $16 million for his big release in 1997, Big Willie Style.

In 1983, he decided to take his entertainment skills in search of prowess in a different stage as he appeared in his first movie, Six degrees of desperation. He gradually began to establish himself in the world of acting, as he subsequently took roles in more movies. He had reportedly earned over a hundred million dollars from his role in the third version of the Men in Black franchise. Among his other notable appearances are; Bad Boys, I Robot, Ali,  and Hancock from which he was able to receive a pay of at least $20 million  from each.

He has been able to win various awards from many nominations, from BET to The Grammy, to The Kid’s Choice, and so much more

Will smith is also a movie producer, he has produced quite a number of films, as well as T.V shows. This has provided him the opportunity to be at the center of his game, as he is more in control of the movies released, ensuring they are to his taste, and requirements. He has equally generated a colossal amount from his production career.

Another source of the wealthy actors net-worth is his various social media pages. His instagram account with millions of followers, gains  him between $70,000 to $100,000  and even more on each advertised content. He  equally receives a decent pay-out, of a possible $1 million dollars from his YouTube channel annually. He also have been able to sign advert deals with some reputable brands such as; Chromatic and BioBeats.

Will Smith has also been involved in a number of business deals, and investments. He constantly invests in ventures, and for his various business investments, has been estimated to be earning over $70 million annually.

Will Smith have managed to establish himself as one of the big names in the entertainment industry, a feat he has been able to achieve through his will, and zeal to keep expanding, while paying the required effort and attention to his various dealings.

Rashed Miah
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