Yiannimize Journey To Success: NET WORTH

We exist in an era so technology advanced, with the  level of civilization being an enhancing factor. There are steady and consistent modifications to facilitate operation of tasks, irrespective of its difficulty. From those as easy as taking care of one’s laundry, to intercontinental migration which can now be carried out through turbo-like aircrafts, there are most often than not, mediums and mechanisms to aid them. But while some individuals take likening to various simple forms of these equipments, and machines as the case may be, there are the other set of individuals that prefer and enjoy a customized effect, or some sort of a `pimp’ on their accoutrements. This desire has been exploited by some designers, creating a profitable occupation and to a great deal enriching themselves. One of these paragons is Yianni.

Yianni Charalambous is a British presenter, born on the 1st of July 1976, in London, England, but better known for his auto related designs and exploits. The forty-three year old is known to have a bloodline from Greece, particularly from the city of Cyprus. He resides with his family in London.

Yianni has a net-worth which has been estimated to be between the range of seven to twelve million U.S dollars.

He grew up in the beautiful city of London, but schooled  at St. Gregory’s secondary school for a while, before dropping out as he had no desire of furthering his education. He would subsequently engage in a number of vocations, including operating at eateries and beverage shops, to provide a means of sustenance.

He would however develop his big venture after he redesigned a ford automobile which he owned. This brought about the idea to take this to a broader scope as a profession. He then created Yiannimize, an automobile wrapping, and designing company, that enabled individuals to get a customized version of their cars. The company aids with the interior and exterior decorations of automobiles, installation of gadgets such as portable television set, enhancing audio systems, and basically any modification to give your car a personalized look.

Since the inception of his million dollar venture, he has remodeled cars of various notable individuals alike, from football stars such as Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, to royalties from Dubai, Kazakhstan, and various middle eastern countries, as well as many other celebrities around the world. He has been recorded to design posh and expensive automobile brands such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, porches, Mercedes Benz, BMW and a whole lot of others, each with a minimum budget pay of £2,000.

Another Exciting and Lucrative adventure which the car designer engages in, is that of  buying  cars, then subsequently redesigning , and redecorating it in will of selling it at a relatively higher price. With this he has been able to create an image of ingenuity for his establishment.

Yianni also is the owner of a Youtube channel which he created in 2014, posting videos on a regular term of his various designing exploits and skills. The channel has been able to accumulate a total of over 1.4 million subscribers worldwide, generating an estimated $800 on a daily basis, and a sum of about $290,000 annually.

Yianni aside his car designing venture, is likewise known as a T.V personality in accordance with his appearances on the Dave channel’s show, Yianni: Supercar Customizer. The show in correlation with his Youtube videos showcases his pimping abilities.

The passion for cars which he had demonstrated since his childhood, creating an hobby of arranging toy cars, and pilling up some sort of a collection, was driven through vision, and a sense of entrepreneurship into what is now today a multi-million dollar enterprise. This was made possible by his ability to go beyond the ordinary thinking, and generate a way to add value to what he knew he had a passion for. It is therefore key,  that one tries to cultivate a sense of ingenuity, and inventiveness, as these combined in unison with passion for something, are vital shaping elements to attaining success.

Rashed Miah
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